Do you offer any standard port-o-potty type units?
Ready2Go Restroom Trailers is focused on providing a different type of restroom experience. We believe in doing one thing and doing it very well. However, we have developed some relationships with local sanitation companies and would be happy to provide a referral for you if you desire a typical port-a-potty.

Do you offer longer term rentals?
We have pricing programs for weekly, monthly, and annual rentals. Please call or email for availability.

What is included in the price?
Toilet paper, hand soap and paper towels. The staff will quote a price listing the cost of having a restroom where water and electricity are convenient and when they are not. Generators or water fill-up service are also available.

What’s the next step?
Ready2Go Restroom Trailers has a limited number of units and all pricing is subject to availability. If you would like to use our services, please make a reservation as soon as possible so that you are guaranteed a Restroom Trailer for your event.

Can you provide an attendant for my event?
An attendant is not necessary. However, many of our customers demand the highest level of service. Ready2Go Restroom Trailers can provide an attendant to maintain the restrooms, replenish supplies, clean after each guest. This gives a peace of mind that no restroom issues will occur during an event.

Is delivery included?
Delivery fees are quoted depending on the location of the event site. The fee may be included in the rental fee if the location is close enough or it may be quoted by the mile.

Our company/organization requires vendors to have general liability insurance.
Every Ready2Go Restroom Trailers is covered by general liability insurance, which can be provided.

Do you service my area?
Ready2Go Restroom Trailers is a nationwide company; any area of the United States is serviceable by Ready2Go Restroom Trailers.

What are your business hours?
Ready2Go Restroom Trailers’ business hours are usually from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. However, we can be reached afterhours by calling 833-HAVE-2-GO (1-833-428-3246) for 24-Hour service.

How do I keep my rented facility maintained during an event?
The Ready2Go restroom trailers and shower trailers are virtually self-maintained. A client is responsible for basic upkeep during events, such as adding paper products when necessary, as well as wiping down the counters and emptying the trash. If needed, Ready2Go Restroom Trailers will provide an attendant to do these tasks.

Does Ready2Go Restroom Trailers support any rent-to-own options?
Yes, please contact Ready2Go Restroom Trailers to discuss opportunities.

Can you provide me with your Contractual terms and conditions?
Ready2Go Restroom Trailers can provide you with our Contractual terms and conditions.

Are Ready2Go Restroom Trailer(s) handicapped accessible?
Ready2Go Restroom Trailers does offer a trailer that is specifically designed for handicap accessibility. It has an easy access ramp, a spacious interior, and is fully ADA Compliant with specifications. Be advised that Local code may have additional requirements that is the responsibility of the client to confirm, for compliance.

Are the Ready2Go Restroom Trailer(s) climate controlled?
The restroom trailers have heat and air-conditioning for the comfort of your guests.

Where can the Ready2Go Restroom Trailers (s) be placed?
Ready2Go Restroom Trailers may be placed almost anywhere. Consult with Ready2Go Restroom Trailers to locate the best area. Ideally a restroom will be placed on a level ground with access that is not obstructed with low hanging branches, low hanging power lines or fencing. Safety is Ready2Go Restroom Trailers primary concern, so a location should be chosen where the guests can see and get to the trailer easily but without taking from the events appearance. For long-term rentals, placement is important for servicing and pick-up. A service truck must be able to get within 25 feet of the drain valve on the trailers.

How many portable restrooms/showers do I need for my guests or patrons in attendance?
Consulting with Ready2Go Restroom Trailers is the best way to evaluate an event’s needs. Their experience with past events will be the best authority on the number of stalls needed. Restroom capacity is quoted on what type of event is being held, the number of people attending, and the length of the rental. For instance, a fund raiser with alcohol with 200 guests which will last 4 hours will have very different needs than an all-day family festival with 200 guests. Please be realistic when estimating the number of guests expected so that tank capacity and “wait in line time” can be evaluated. As a rule, the following estimates may be used.

Avoiding Long Lines
One of the most important factors in determining which restroom to get is your guest count. How many restrooms are appropriate for your event? There is a simple formula that applies to most situations. This formula is 50-75 guests/staff per bathroom stall. This figure applies to any bathroom at your venue that is available to your staff and guests during your event.

Portable Restroom Trailer Guest Chart

Restroom Trailer Type Recommended Max trailer capacity
Bathroom Trailer 2 Stall 150 People 300 People
ADA + 2 Bathroom Trailer 250 People 300 People
Bathroom Trailer 3 Stall 225 People 400 People
Bathroom Trailer 4 Stall 300 People 440 People
TBathroom Trailer 5 Stall 375 People 550 People
Bathroom Trailer 10 Stall 800 People 1000 People
Shower Trailer 2 Stall 100 People 150 People

Is there an odor from the portable restroom trailers and portable shower trailers?
Ready2Go Restroom Trailers strives to keep their restroom trailers and shower trailers as clean as possible. This includes cleaning out the waste holding tanks so that they do not accumulate an odor as well as the most technological cleaning and disinfecting products. However, a Ready2Go Restroom Trailers is a bathroom and therefore may develop an odor after extended use.

How large are the restroom trailers and shower trailers?
The restroom trailers and shower trailers come in different sizes to accommodate every situation. Floor plans and brochures are available on

How do I decide which restroom trailer or shower trailer is the best for my event?
Ready2Go Restroom Trailers employees will help you decide which restroom trailer or shower trailer will be the best for your event. Considerations are number of guests, length of rental, and “wait in line time”.

How do I get a price or reserve a portable restroom trailer and/or portable shower trailer?
Ready2Go Restroom Trailers has a 24-Hour Hotline phone number, 833-HAVE-2-GO (1-833-428-3246), for reservations.

How much advanced notice do I need to rent a mobile restroom or shower?
Ready2Go Restroom Trailers recommends reserving a restroom trailer or shower trailer as soon as it is decided that it will be needed. The trailers are on a first-come-first-serve basis. To confirm a reservation, the deposit amount located on the contract must be paid. All quotes are subject to availability at the time of quote.

I want to put the Restroom Trailer inside a tent. Is that possible?
Tents with a center pole (giving ventilation through the roof) are typically okay. Other styles of tents may trap the venting fumes causing an unhealthy/unpleasant situation. Use of tents is subject to approval by your local inspectors.

When will the restroom trailer(s) be delivered?
Special deliveries and pickups may be set up upon request. There may be an additional charge for this service.

Does someone need to be available when the restroom trailer(s) are delivered?
It is not necessary to have someone on site for the trailer to be delivered. However, if there is a specific location that the trailer must be in, then it would be best for someone to meet the driver of the trailer.

How much does it cost to rent a portable restroom in my city, state or region?
The cost of portable restrooms varies depending on what city and state the Ready2Go Restroom Trailer will be delivered to.

Do you provide shower trailers?
A Ready2Go Restroom Trailers shower trailer has a toilet, sink and, of course, a shower in each private stall. There are many sizes and option for Shower trailers, consult with your Ready2Go Restroom Trailers personnel to learn more.

What are the water requirements for these portable restrooms and showers?
There are two options for water requirements for the Ready2Go Restroom Trailers. First, the trailers can be hooked into a normal water connection via garden hose. The second option is to fill the unit’s fresh water holding tank for usage. Once empty, the fresh water would need to be filled as needed.

What are the power requirements?
There are two options for power requirements for the Ready2Go Restroom Trailers. First, the trailers can be run off a generator. (The generator would need to be filled with gasoline once empty.) The second option is to use a 110-volt outlet (or regular electrical plug-in).

Power and water is not available at the event location. What are the options?
Most of the Ready2Go Restroom Trailers utilize one 110-volt outlet and the water supply hooks into a normal water connection. The units can be run off a generator and the fresh water tank can be filled for usage as well. Once empty, the fresh water tank would need to be filled as needed and the generator would need to be filled with gasoline once empty. If the unit is used via garden hose and regular electrical plug-in, the usage would be continuous until the waste tank is full.